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Branding Experience    

Working closely with our graphic design partners, G+A develops names and taglines that tightly integrate with visual branding elements to stake out distinctive and memorable market positions for our clients.

Employing our team approach to brainstorming – which reliably yields more and better ideas than individual writers can produce – we have helped brand numerous clients, including the following:

  • For Wolf Trap, the national park for the performing arts, we developed the slogan “Where the Arts Come Out to Play,” which has been widely publicized throughout the Washington area since 1996.
  • For Independent Sector, we helped develop a slogan, “Giving Voice to Your Heart,” which has been used since 1998 in a national initiative to strengthen public understanding of America’s diverse nonprofit sector.
  • For Future Film Group, a London-based film financing and production company, we wrote the tagline, “Moving Independent Film Fast-Forward.”
  • For SunDance Rehabilitation, which outsources rehab services for health care facilities, we created the tagline, “The Provider of Choice for Providers of Care.”
  • For the Center for Science in the Public Interest, we developed the name “Had Enough?” for the organization’s nationwide media and advocacy campaign to reduce binge drinking on college campuses.
  • For Best Doctors, a leading medical referral service, we developed the tagline “Information When You Need It Most.”
  • For El Cid Mega Resort in Mazatlán, Mexico, we developed the tagline “You’ll Find Everything Here Except a Reason to Leave,” which was used in a broad variety of marketing materials.
  • For ARC Solutions, we named a new software product (MAP – Membership Applications Platform) and developed a tagline: Customized Solutions for Membership Systems.